Devoltage Power System Protection Course

Product Code: DTCPSP

This course introduces the technical requirements of power system protection and aims to provide the attendee with a clear understanding of:

  • The fundamentals of basic electrical power system protection and their applications;
  • Knowledge of the different power system fault types;
  • The ability to perform simple fault calculations;
  • Practical knowledge of protection system components;
  • Knowledge of how to perform simple IDMT relay settings
  • Duration: Two Days

Devoltage Power System Protection Course.
Typical topics covered are:

  • The need for protection;
  • Faults types and effects;
  • Simple calculation of short circuit currents;
  • System earthing;
  • Fuses;
  • Instrument transformers;
  • Circuit breakers;
  • Tripping batteries.  (BTU’s – Battery Tripping Units);
  • Protection relays;
  • Co-ordination by time grading. (IDMT protection relay settings);
  • Low voltage networks;
  • Principles of unit protection;
  • Feeder protection of cables and overhead lines;
  • Transformer protection;
  • Busbar protection;
  • Motor protection relays;
  • Generator protection;
  • Management of protection.

 After completing this course the attendee will be able to understand the basic concepts of power system protection for future reference and application


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