Eskom HVO 002 Course

Product Code: DTC E  HVO 002 RP
Duration: 2-Day Course
Study Unit 1: Making apparatus and lines safe to perform work on
Study Unit 2: Work Permit system on the Distribution/Transmission network
Study Unit 3: Testing of apparatus on the Distribution system
The target audience for this course is:
▪ All employees in the Wires environment requiring authorization as defined in the ORHVS as a Responsible Person and according to the assessment standard.
After completing this course, the learner should be able to:
1. Summarize the fundamental principles of operating.
2. Explain the reasons for isolating, safety testing and earthing.
3. Explain where and when prohibitory signs shall be affixed.
4. List the minimum earthing requirements for apparatus and lines.
5. Describe how barricading shall be erected.
6. Indicate how a Prohibited Area can be changed into an unsupervised area.
7. Explain the circumstances requiring a Work Permit and the requirements for the issuing and clearing a permit.
8. Explain when earths shall be removed including when testing shall be performed on apparatus when a permit has been issued.
9. Explain what an abnormal condition is according to Reg. 5.9.2 and which arrangements shall made before energising apparatus in an abnormal condition.



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