Eskom HVO 004 Course

Product Code: DTC E HVO 004 AO
Duration: 3 – Day Course
Study Unit 1: Control of the power system
Study Unit 2: Safe operating and work practices
Study Unit 3: Exceptions to general procedure and abnormal conditions
Study Unit 4: Live Work
The target audience for this course is:
▪ All employees in the Wires environment requiring authorization as defined in the ORHVS as an Appointed Operator and according to the assessment standard.


After completing this course, the learner should be able to:
1. Summarize the duties and responsibilities of a Control Officer with regards to the keeping of records and the issuing and receiving of instructions.
2. Explain the requirements when making apparatus alive on first installation and when apparatus is taken off the system.
3. Explain in detail the reasons for using a breaker to perform switching.
4. Describe the requirements for linking regarding locks and keys, truck-type switchgear, the changing over of busbars and the exhibition of prohibitory signs.
5. Explain the requirements for safety testing of apparatus after isolation from supply, metal-clad switchgear and the spiking of cables.
6. Explain the requirements for earthing regarding the application of portable earths and earthing switches.
7. Explain the requirements for handing over a line regarding the application of working earths and handing the line to more than one person.
8. Describe how selective earthing is performed.
9. Explain the requirements when working on apparatus involving customers and Eskom.
10. Explain when and how work may be performed in Close Proximity to live conductors or apparatus.
11. Explain in detail the requirements for returning apparatus or lines to service.
12. Describe the exceptions to the general procedure as listed in the ORHVS.
13. Differentiate between the person in charge of live work and the live worker.
14. Explain the preparation and handing over apparatus for live work, when live work is allowed in substations and what preparation shall be done before live work may be performed.
15. Explain when a Live Work Declaration Form is required, what shall be addressed in the Live Work Declaration Form and the clearance of the Live Work Declaration Form.
16. Explain the procedure when the Authorised Person in charge of live work is not available.


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